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 Edward Cullen Application

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PostSubject: Edward Cullen Application   Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:57 pm



EdwardAnthony Masen Cullen

Hello there. Nice to see you here! What's your name again?

Edward Cullen

Interesting! But it's way too long. What do people tend to call you? I'm sure you've got other names too.


Sounds cool! I would really like to know your birth date, if you don't mind?

June 20, 1901

Sorry, but I'm not really good at maths. How old does that make you?


So, does that mean that you've got driving license already? Are you working already or are you still stuck in high school or college?

College (Depending when this RP takes place)

Okay, I don't wanna sound rude, but what's your race?


And where do you live right now? In a private house or apartment?


What about your family? How are they doing?


Okay, I want to know more about you now! What are things you really like?

My wife Isabella Marie Cullen and playing the piano.

We've got same taste! Funny even. And what do you dislike?

Dogs and human blood.

Really? I hate raisins, in case you are interested! Strange, huh? And I'm sure you've got some weird quirks and habits too! Can you tell me some of those?

None really.

Now, I really want to hear some more about your personality. Can you tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses too?

Well for one I am virtually indestructable, but It was hard being around Bella when she was human.

You seem really interesting! I like you. Hey, you are so much like to that actor/actress... I don't remember name...

Robert Pattinson...

Yeah, that's who I meant! Wait, is it your natural color of hair? Or is it dyed?

Its ALL natural

And what about eyes? What's your eye color?

Golden brown, but red when thirsty.

They are pretty! And have you got any scars or piercings?


You look very slim, by the way. How much do you weigh? And how tall are you?

6'2 / 122 lbs. I guess

I'm slimmer than you! Haha! Okay, now, I bet I'm more educated too! Can you tell me about your education more?

I am currently in college and I have a High School degree,

Well, you are educated indeed. And what about your jobs?


I would like to hear some more about your past. Can you tell me about your childhood and youth?

Cullen was born in Alexandria, the seat of Rapides Parish and the largest city in central Louisiana, to Edward Cullen, Jr. (1916–1964), a native of Denison, Texas, and the former Mildred Bonnette (1917–1960), a department store worker originally from Avoyelles Parish. His sister, Geneva H. Cullen (born 1950), married Robert Valentio "Robin" Stewart (born 1948) of Pineville. The Cullens lived on Vance Avenue, and he attended L.S. Rugg Elementary School and graduated in 1964 from Bolton High School. After his mother's death, Cullen lived for a time with an aunt and uncle. He then attended Northwestern State University (then College) in Natchitoches but left after three semesters to enlist in the United States Navy. Cullen completed his studies in journalism in 1972 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

Adult life

Cullen is married to the former Martha Lynn Colvin (born 1944), also originally from Alexandria. They have two children, Michael Edward Cullen and Emily Cullen Nash. One of Cullen's more popular essays refers to his own neighborhood near the LSU campus, which suffered an increase in noise level when parents purchase residential homes for their college-age students, a newer trend unknown when Cullen himself was a student.

Cullen's regular Sunday column, known as Attic Salt, runs on the front page of the features section. He writes primarily on the obstacles and opportunities of daily living. Column topics, for instance, have included a look at the return of flip-flop footwear for the summer or the problems of planting vegetable gardens during the spring, a task Cullen himself faithfully undertakes each year. In his youth, Cullen had a paper route and worked at a snow-cone stand. From childhood memories, he recalled a girl who came to the stand and always ordered "Tutti Frutti" flavor. So he wrote an essay entitled "The Tutti-Frutti Girl". What to others might seem mundane or a non-story, Cullen can dig to the essence of life.


What your name or nickname?


Do you have any other characters here?

I was wondering, could I have Jessica Stanley? But other than that nope..

Can I see your role playing sample, please?

As he stepped on some dry leaves, Edward began to notice that it was a good day for him to be out, really. There was enough cloud cover that it would be highly unlikely for the sun to expose him for what he really was. So he didn't have to worry about having to make a break for it before someone saw his skin sparkling and could put his whole concentration on finding the woman he saw in Krisa and Ginny's minds. It'd be so convenient if he could find her now...perhaps go back to his dark habits of playing God and choosing who deserved to die. The idea made him feel rather sick, but it seemed that there'd be no reasoning with Bellatrix Lestrange. She'd have to be done away with before someone else died.

(I made this up btw) ^^^

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Edward Cullen Application
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