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 Bella Cullen App

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Bella Cullen

Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Bella Cullen App   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:15 am



Hello there. Nice to see you here! What's your name again?

Hey, I'm Bella Cullen

Interesting! But it's way too long. What do people tend to call you? I'm sure you've got other names too.

Bella, Bells, Bell, Arizona, Vampire Girl, Spider Monkey. but you can call me Bella

Sounds cool! I would really like to know your birth date, if you don't mind?

13th September 1991

Sorry, but I'm not really good at maths. How old does that make you?

Physically: 18 Actually: 19

So, does that mean that you've got driving license already? Are you working already or are you still stuck in high school or college?

Yes, I have a drivers license, and I don't work/don't go to college. Yet.

Okay, I don't wanna sound rude, but what's your race?

I am a vampire.

And where do you live right now? In a private house or apartment?

I live in a cottage with my husband and my daughter. Although we're at my in-laws house most of the time.

What about your family? How are they doing?

They're good. Carlisle and Esme (my father and mother in a way) are out on a 'camping' trip with Emmett and Jasper. (My brothers) Rosalie and Alice (my sisters) are on a shopping trip. And Edward and Renesmee (my husband and daughter) are right here with me. Everyone's happy.

Okay, I want to know more about you now! What are things you really like?

I really love my family. They are the most important thing to me. I also emjoy beating Emmett in strength contests. That's always fun. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and cliff-diving -sometimes.

We've got same taste! Funny even. And what do you dislike?

There's a pretty hefty list. Ehrm.. Shopping, recieving presents, parties, being the center of attention etc. etc. *smiles* There are others too, I'd just prefer not to mention them.

Really? I hate raisins, in case you are interested! Strange, huh? And I'm sure you've got some weird quirks and habits too! Can you tell me some of those?

I tend to be a really bad liar, if that counts. I bite my nails too.

Now, I really want to hear some more about your personality. Can you tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses too?

Strengths? Ehm. I'm a mental sheild. That means that I can block mental gifts such as that of Edward.
Weaknesses? Ehm. Definatley a clutz, even with my newfound agility.

You seem really interesting! I like you. Hey, you are so much like to that actor/actress... I don't remember name...

Kristen Stewart? Yep, I've heard that before.

Yeah, that's who I meant! Wait, is it your natural color of hair? Or is it dyed?

Completley natural

And what about eyes? What's your eye color?

When I was human they were a kind of chocolate brown. Now they're bright crimson, turning gold.

They are pretty! And have you got any scars or piercings?

Ehrm, i've probably got loads of scars. As I said, I'm a real clutz. But nothing major.

You look very slim, by the way. How much do you weigh? And how tall are you?

I weigh around 110-115 pounds. I'm 5'4" Tall. I think.

I'm slimmer than you! Haha! Okay, now, I bet I'm more educated too! Can you tell me about your education more?

I was educated in a public school in Pheonix until I was seventeen. Then, I moved to Forks to stay with my dad, and went to Forks High until I graduated. When I graduated, I was supposed to be going to Juneau and going to college there, but there was no need. So, I stayed in Forks.

Well, you are educated indeed. And what about your jobs?

I used to work at Newton Outfitters for my friend's mom but I quit that job when I was supposed to be moving to Juneau.

I would like to hear some more about your past. Can you tell me about your childhood and youth?

My mom left my dad when I was just small. Since then, I've seen my dad every summer. My mom married again, but my stepfather was a minor league baseball player, so he had to move around a lot. Renée stayed at home with me until I noticed that she was sad. So I moved to Forks to stay with my dad.
There, I met my husband, Edward Cullen and his family. After falling in love with Edward, and finding out that he and his family were vampires, I suffered a setback. Three nomad vampires came to a baseball game held by the Cullens. One was a tracker and he had his sights set on me.
After having my leg broken and my wrist bitten by the hunter, I was subdued to another horrible fate. Prom.
Since then, I have been a magnet for more trouble than the whole of America has seen in the past year. Edward left me -for my safety- leaving me heartbroken. That was a hard time. I puled through though, with the help of my best friend, Jacob Black.
During the time that Edward was away, I learned that Jacob was, in fact, a werewolf. Eventually, after a trip to Italy on a mission to save Edward, he returned to Forks. Where the past six months were wiped almost completley from memory.
A few months later, one of our other enemies, Victoria -James (The tracker)'s mate- built an army of newborn vampires to destroy me. Edward and the Cullens and the wolves saved me from that too. Although Jacob got half of his bones crushed in the process.
After agreeing to marry Edward, I fell pregnant with Renesmee. She was half-vampire so she kicked hell out of me, but I love her all the same. When Renesmee was born, I almost died. Edward saved me by biting me. The burning pierced through my veins for two days. And then it stopped and I woke up.
After a quick visit from the Volturi, which amounted in no fight. Just talking. Edward, Renesmee and my family returned to normal-ish.
We are happy now and we hope to stay that way.


What your name or nickname?


Do you have any other characters here?

Nope xD

Can I see your role playing sample, please?

Quote :
I wandered through the huge white mansion looking for Alice. The boys had gone hunting and Alice, Esme and Rosalie were taking Renesmee shopping. I hated shopping, but Alice had used her 'you-would-if-you-loved-me' look and gotten me to go. It was close to Christmas and we were shopping for gifts for the boys.
"Alice?" I called out and heard an 'Out here' come from the garage. I drifted out to see Renesmee and Alice sitting on the hood of Alice's porche and Rosalie and Esme sitting inside Rosalie's BMW. They were all looking my way, smiling.
I groaned and wandered over to them. Alice informed me of which cars we were taking. I was going with Rosalie and Esme in Rosalie's red BMW. Renesmee was going with Alice in Alice's car.
I got into Rosalie's car quietly and both cars peeled out of the garage.
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Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Bella Cullen App   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:54 pm

Hi mom! xd I'm stuck in my cell for now. Mad
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Rosalie Hale
Rosalie Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Bella Cullen App   Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:23 am

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Bella Cullen

Bella Cullen

Posts : 5
Join date : 2010-07-31

PostSubject: Re: Bella Cullen App   Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:05 am

Yay xD Thanks and Hey Daughter xD <3
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Heidi Dermandois
Heidi Dermandois

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PostSubject: Re: Bella Cullen App   Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:40 am

heya bells
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PostSubject: Re: Bella Cullen App   

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Bella Cullen App
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